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We want to make it as easy and beautiful as possible for you. Because driving should mean freedom and fun. That is why a large number of services are included in our car subscription. This will save you a lot of time, stress and anger. Take a look at our service again in an short overview.

insurance INSURANCE

There is liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance.

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For every subscription car from ViveLaCar, there is liability and fully comprehensive insurance that comes into force in the event of damage. The insurance premiums are already included in the monthly costs.

Choosing and taking out car insurance is a major effort every time you change your car. With us, this is included in the subscription costs - without annoying searches and comparisons, without paperwork. Every car subscription via ViveLaCar includes liability and fully comprehensive insurance. The deductible for fully comprehensive insurance cases is EUR 1,000 per claim - for all drivers.
We decided on this deductible level because it is often the cheapest in the long term. A lower deductible would result in higher monthly costs. Damage does not affect your monthly subscription rate. There is of course no deductible for damage that you did not cause yourself.

IMPORTANT: Report any damage immediately by email to or by phone + 43 1 3618139 - 13 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Clock).

If you call outside our business hours, speak to us on the answering machine. We will get back to you as soon as possible to contact you.

maintenance MAINTENANCE

We handle all costs for the general inspection or repairs.

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Every vehicle comes with a manufacturer's guarantee. You can have any inspections and necessary repairs carried out at the respective ViveLaCar partner of the car brand at our expense. We'll take care of the bill! However, please coordinate a workshop visit with us beforehand. According to your agreed mileage and according to the service intervals of the respective manufacturer, the costs for the general inspection will be covered by ViveLaCar.

Attention: Maintenance, repairs and workshop work on the vehicle may only be carried out with the respective ViveLaCar partner within Austria with the prior written consent of ViveLaCar. This also applies to the installation and removal of accessories, maintenance and repairs within the framework of the maintenance and inspection intervals provided.


Regardless of whether it is sheet metal or personal damage, always contact us.

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In the event of an accident, please proceed as follows:

1. Inform the police immediately in the following cases:
a) A third party is involved in the accident (e.g. a rear-end collision, etc.)
b) Damage was caused by a third party without you being there yourself or being involved (e.g. your car was hit by a third party in a parking lot without informing you about it)

2. Fill the European accident report.

3. Report the damage by email or call us on the number +43 1 3618139 - 13.

4. You will then receive a damage number from us.

5. Please go to the dealer that your Auto Abo Service employee will tell you.

6. We take care of everything else with the insurance company and the ViveLaCar partner.

It is important that he knows the license plate number of your vehicle.

vehicle return VEHICLE RETURN

We have summarized again for you what you have to consider when returning.

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So that the vehicle return runs smoothly, we have precisely defined when it is Traces of use and when an insured event.

When you cancel your car subscription, you hand in your vehicle on the cancellation date. When returning the vehicle the car is properly inspected for signs of use together. It is clear that the car is no longer new, but used. That is why we want to regulate clearly from the start what damage or small signs of use are and what, on the other hand, simply normal wear and tear and thus does not matter. Ordinary signs of use that occur in the context of normal use and mileage are acceptable. Traces or damage caused by e.g. due to improper use or excessive stress have arisen. Here are the most important components - what works, what doesn't:


  • checkSlight surface scratches (can be polished), e.g. in the area of ​​the door handles
  • checkTypical paint characteristics from the use of a car wash
  • checkSlight stone chips (not continuous until the primer), max. 3 pieces on the driver's front
  • notScratches that cannot be polished, scratches with heavy paint wear
  • notDamage that requires painting
  • notStrong stone chips down to the primer
  • notNoticeable color differences, e.g. due to unprofessional repairs or stickers


  • notDents/dents > 2 cm in diameter that impair the overall impression of the vehicle
  • notUnrecovered accident damage, hail damage


  • checkDamage that does not impair road safety or issue of the test sticker (HU § 29 StVZO)
  • notDamage, typically stone chips, cracks, scratches that impair road safety or issue of the test sticker (HU § 29 StVZO)


  • checkSlight rubber abrasion on or on unpainted bumpers and trim strips that did not result in any visible or permanent deformation
  • checkSlight paint abrasion, but not penetrating into the base material area


  • checkMinor scratches and signs of wear
  • notLarger scratches/abrasions without material removal and scratches/abrasions with material removal
  • notMajor damage to the paint surface
  • notDeformation, deformation, breakage


  • checkWear of the leather furniture
  • checkWear of the seats
  • notSoiling/contamination that cannot be removed by normal cleaning
  • notOdor formation, e.g. through mold
  • notMissing, broken or insufficiently fastened functional parts (e.g. door handles, sun visors, cigarette lighter, door or trunk trim)
  • notDamage, e.g. Fire damage, holes, cracks
  • notSmell from cigarettes/cigars/pipe use/e-cigarettes

Before returning the car, please use the checklist to check whether you and your loved ones have left all documents and accessories in the car:

  • checkService booklet, logbook, operating instructions
  • checkRegistration certificate, part 1 (former vehicle registration document)
  • checkFirst aid kit, warning triangle, safety vest
  • checkSpare wheel (if available) or repair kit
  • checkNavigation CD/DVD and SD card
  • checkCertificate of general inspection and exhaust gas inspection
  • checkRemoved seats and benches
  • checkVehicle accessories according to delivery
  • checkKey
  • checkTool kit
  • checkLuggage compartment cover and luggage compartment dividing net
  • checkOther electronic data carriers
  • checkAttachment certificate (ABE)


customer service

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