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ViveLaCar in times of Covid-19.

  • How does ViveLaCar react to Covid-19?

    We do everything to maintain our day-to-day business. Our entire team is still at your disposal for all matters. To protect our employees, we have closed our offices until further notice and work from home.

  • Are all subscription vehicles still available immediately?

    After all car dealerships and registration offices have opened, our vehicles are also available to you immediately.

  • Can I still have my vehicle delivered to me?

    As usual, you can have your subscription vehicle delivered to a location of your choice anywhere in Austria.

  • What additional measures do I have to take when I pick up my subscription car?

    Please note first the conditions stipulated by the federal and respective state governments for staying in public places. If your subscription vehicle is about to be picked up, please keep the specified minimum distance from people in the dealership and greet your contact person without a handshake. Also make sure to wear mouth and nose protection.

  • What measures does ViveLaCar take to clean subscription vehicles before handing them over?

    All of our subscription cars are thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned before handover. If you want to be on the safe side, we recommend that you also disinfect parts of the interior.

All about the ViveLaCar car subscription.

  • What is ViveLaCar?

    What is ViveLaCar?

    ViveLaCar offers you vehicles without a fixed contract period as a subscription. These come exclusively from authorized brand dealers of the respective manufacturer brand (ViveLaCar partner). We take over the entire process including insurance benefits and customer care. The ViveLaCar partner maintains and looks after the vehicle and carries out the handover and return. We are the first subscription platform for all brands and models
    Have a look at our vehicle shop.


    Only authorized brand dealers are certified as ViveLaCar partners according to a strict selection concept. The vehicles will then also be handed over to you, the subscriber, via the ViveLaCar partner. The ViveLaCar partner takes over the handover and return of the vehicle with authorized and trained employees. He is also your contact for maintenance and any warranty or wear and tear work that may arise.


    Every private person or company with a place of residence or a company headquarters in Austria can book vehicles on our website. Please note the following here:

    • The vehicle can only be driven by you and additionally by the drivers specified in the respective booking agreement.

    • Another requirement for a ViveLaCar subscription is a verified identity and a good credit rating.

    • With company subscribers, the vehicle may only be driven by the persons specified as authorized drivers. More detailed information will follow shortly. We keep you up to date


    The vehicles that you can find on our website are new and used vehicles up to an age of 2 years or a mileage of up to 25,000 km. All vehicles offered are available immediately and accord 100% to the specified vehicle description and equipment.

  • How does the car subscription work at ViveLaCar?


    You can book your car subscription online at

    1. You choose your dream car and your mileage package.
    2. You enter your personal data.
    3. You book your car subscription.

    Then we will send you a final booking confirmation in text form so that a binding contract between you and ViveLaCar comes into being. 


    The term is unlimited at the start of the contract and as long as you do not cancel. You can, however, switch to another car or end your car subscription at any time with a period of three months.


    Your notice period is three calendar months. Your final termination must be in writing and can be sent by letter or email.

    ViveLaCar Wien GmbH
    Gumpendorfer Straße 19-21/ Stiege2/ 2. Halbgeschoß
    1060 Wien


    Your car is usually available immediately. If you pick up your subscription car yourself, the car can be made available within 7 working days. If you choose the option of vehicle delivery, the handover can be extended by up to 5 working days.


    The ViveLaCar partner will inform you immediately about the availability of the booked vehicle and agree on a handover date and place with you. Unless otherwise agreed in the booking agreement, you can collect the vehicle from your authorized dealer at your own expense at the agreed delivery point. The vehicle can be picked up up to a maximum of 4 weeks after booking the vehicle. If you cannot or do not want to pick up your car yourself, we will be happy to deliver it to a location of your choice. We charge a one-time fee of 199,00 EUR for vehicle deliveries throughout Austria. Special offer: right now, it's just for an 1.00 EUR.

    The following is very important for both delivery and collection of the vehicle: Please have your valid ID and driving license with you!

    These documents are checked during the handover process. If this test is not possible or if it fails for other reasons, your subscription car cannot be handed over to you. Your car is filled or charged (in the case of electric vehicles) at least enough that you can drive 100 km. While the vehicle is being picked up, an expert employee of the ViveLaCar partner will examine your future subscription car and log any damage and the completeness of the safety accessories. Please pay attention to any visual defects yourself. To avoid misunderstandings, these are documented with images.


    At the end of your contract period, you arrange an appointment via ViveLaCar for the return of your car. Unless otherwise agreed when you made your booking, you will return your car independently, just as you picked it up. You have a buffer of 5 working days for the return. This means that after the end of the contract period, you still have 5 working days to return your subscription vehicle to your ViveLaCar partner. If you need to collect your subscription car, please contact our service department at

    Your subscription car must be cleaned inside and out when you hand it over. If it has any previously unknown damage or defects, you must report them when you return it. As a general rule, don't worry about signs of use that are commensurate with the age and mileage of the vehicle. There are no additional costs for these signs of use. When taking back the vehicle, the ViveLaCar partner will again write a protocol that both of you will sign if both parties agree. Please also note that, if applicable, each damage will be assessed and dealt with individually. Here you will find all the information about a fair vehicle return.


    We ask you to notify us immediately of any changes to your personal data (name, address, bank details), your employer or a significant deterioration in your income.

  • Cost and payment method


    You currently receive the starter package free of charge. This includes the registration of your subscription, the preparation and the technical check before delivery. If you would like to change your subscription car, you can cancel your existing subscription and conclude a new contract with a notice period of 3 months.


    If you cannot or do not want to pick up your subscription car yourself, we will be happy to deliver it to a location of your choice. For vehicle deliveries, we charge a one-time fee of 1.00 EUR throughout Austria (delivery of electric vehicles is only possible after consultation by telephone and may be associated with higher costs). If you have further questions about the vehicle delivery, write us an email to:


    For security reasons, we ask for a deposit of one month's installment. We will keep this in the event of a payment default on your part.


    You can choose from six different kilometer packages - XS (200 km/month), S (500 km/month), M (800 km/month), L (1,250 km/month), XL (1,500 km/month) or XXL (2,500 km/month).

    Tip: The more kilometers you drive, the cheaper your kilometer price will be

    For even more flexibility, we offer you the opportunity to change your kilometer package every month. Please note that kilometers not driven from the previous month cannot be transferred to your new kilometer package. It's that easy:
    1. Log in with your login data at
    2. You can easily schedule the change yourself under subscription data.
    Do you need help? No problem, write us an email at or call us at +43 1 3618139 - 13.


    Your ViveLaCar package price includes all costs and fees incurred for operating your subscription vehicle (maintenance & wear, fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurance, seasonal tires). Depending on the kilometer package (XS (200 km/month), S (500 km/month), M (800 km/month), L (1,250 km/month), XL (1,500 km/month) or XXL (2,500 km/month) that you have booked, you pay the corresponding monthly price

    You only cover the costs for liquids such as fuel, AdBlue, windscreen washer fluid and oil if these need to be topped up before the scheduled inspection. You will also pay the fees for parking tickets, tolls and parking costs.


    The kilometers you drive are logged with the help of a GPS tracker and billed monthly. If you drive less in one month, you can use up the kilometers you have accumulated in the next month. The data from the GPS tracker are used exclusively for billing the kilometers driven, we do not pass them on to third parties.


    If you drive more kilometers per month than your package includes, each additional kilometer will be added to your monthly subscription fee according to the kilometer price of your chosen package.


    Since the subscription rates are rates, this means for us that we have a long-term relationship with you as a subscriber. That is why we want to know beforehand what we are getting into and therefore carry out a credit check in the booking process. This is how we know you will be a reliable subscriber. For you it has the advantage that you are protected against unwanted debt.


    Your payments can be made via SEPA direct debit or credit card.

  • Inclusive services in detail


    The vehicles are approved by the corresponding ViveLaCar partner. There are no costs for you here.


    You can carry out inspections and any repairs at any of our ViveLaCar partners in your region. Of course, you do not bear the costs for this. We take care of settling the position. 
    According to your agreed mileage and according to the service intervals of the respective manufacturer, the costs for the main inspection will be covered by ViveLaCar. 
    Attention: Maintenance, repairs and workshop work on the vehicle may only be carried out with the respective ViveLaCar partner within Austria with the prior written consent of ViveLaCar. This also applies to the installation and removal of accessories, maintenance and repairs within the framework of the maintenance and inspection intervals provided. 


    There is liability and a fully comprehensive insurance. That means: every authorized driver with a driving license of at least three years can use your ViveLaCar vehicle fully insured, as long as the additional driver has been registerad at ViveLaCar. The deductible for fully comprehensive insurance cases is 1,000.00 EUR. 
    IMPORTANT: Any damage to the vehicle must be reported immediately to
    The general terms and conditions for car insurance from Wiener Städtische apply, which will be made available to you on request before you complete your booking. The vehicle booked in each case may be driven in Austria and in the following other countries: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary. 


    We ensure year-round tires as well as wear and weather-related tire changes, if necessary twice a year at our own discretion. This may be depending on the location of the vehicle. If you would like to switch from summer to winter tires, please notify us and the ViveLaCar partner 4 weeks before they have to be fitted.

  • What else should I consider?


    Smoking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle. No cigarettes, cigars, pipes or e-cigarettes are allowed.


    You can bring pets in your subscription car. Make sure, however, that they do not leave any damage in or on the car and that you have removed all traces (hair, etc.) before you return it.


    You are not allowed to make any technical or optical changes (e.g. attaching stickers, conversions or vehicle tuning) to the vehicle. Manufacturer-initiated recall campaigns are excluded. In this case, you will be in contact with us anyway, as we will temporarily provide you with another vehicle.


    For individual trips, you can leave your subscription car to all first-degree relatives (parents, children), your spouse, life partner or illegitimate partner if they have the same place of residence as you (third party authorized to use it). Other people are only allowed to use your car themselves with the prior written consent of ViveLaCar (authorized drivers).

    The authorized drivers must also be at least 21 years old and have had a valid driver's license for at least three years without interruption. 

    It is important that you can tell us at any time who drove your subscribed vehicle and when. Tip: keep a shared logbook that is in the glove compartment of the car. Then you always have an overview. As a subscriber, you are also responsible for ensuring that the other authorized drivers or third parties (spouse, father) are fit to drive and in possession of a valid european driver's license before starting the journey.

  • What is the procedure for emergencies or exceptional situations?


    You are responsible for paying your parking tickets or warning fines. The notice of the fine is first sent to your ViveLaCar partner, who forwards the ticket to us and we in turn forward it to you. We charge a processing fee of 15.00 EUR for this process, which will be charged in addition to your fine. We will collect the fine including the 15.00 EUR processing fee from your account via SEPA direct debit or your credit card.


    If you have a breakdown, please contact one of our ViveLaCar service employees immediately on +43 1 3618139 - 13. He will organize help and make sure that you are mobile again as soon as possible.


    First of all, make sure that you and your fellow passengers are fine and then contact the police.

    In the event of an accident without personal injury, please contact one of our ViveLaCar service employees. After assessing the situation, he will provide you with the necessary help.

    In the event of an accident with personal injury, first inform the rescue service, use the GPS coordinates to guide them to your subcription vehicle and stay in contact with them until they arrive.

    If the worst comes to the worst, there is a damage form on our website with which you can send us the course of the damage, the cause of the damage and the likely extent of damage: European accident report.


    The subscriber is obliged to inform ViveLaCar immediately of the course of the accident by telephone within the service hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) on +43 1 3618139 - 0.

    If you call outside of our business hours, please put us on the answering machine. We will contact you as soon as possible.

    The following documents must be sent immediately to European accident report, if necessary police report, and pictures of the damage.


    If you or an authorized driver lose your driver's license or become older than 75 during the subscription period, the following happens:

    • If an authorized driver loses his driver's license or celebrates his 75th birthday during the subscription period, nothing changes for you as a subscriber, except that the corresponding additional driver is no longer allowed to drive the vehicle to which he has subscribed.

    • If you as a subscriber lose your driver's license or become older than 75 years, you are still obliged to pay your monthly subscription rate. In such a case, your notice period will be triggered automatically.

    • As a subscriber and every authorized driver, you undertake to notify us immediately of the loss of your driving license, a driving ban or the seizure or confiscation of your driving license and to strictly refrain from driving the vehicle during this time.

    • You haven't found anything? Then contact us using the contact form or:

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Dream car not found?