The ViveLaCar subscription offers your company the opportunity to manage its fleet in a flexible way. With a cancellation period of only three months, the ViveLaCar subscription is the answer to a rapidly changing economy that calls for quick reactions, both to personal and economic changes. All cars are available immediately – with no long waiting times. We use existing vehicles that have already been produced but are currently not being driven. This has the double advantage of making you mobile at short notice and conserving resources. Your car will be ready just a few days after booking. These new and barely used cars help you minimise the risk of vehicle failure and the fixed subscription rate ensures you will always have a clear overview of costs. Insurance, tax, fees, vignette taxes, service costs and seasonal tyres are also included in the price of your commercial ViveLaCar subscription cars. Save time procuring cars and reduce your costs, thanks to the fully digital booking service, requiring next-to-no administrative effort. We also take care of your fleet during the subscription term. We are always available to answer any questions concerning our vehicles and services.


Flexible term

Only 3 months' cancellation notice


Full cost transparency and attractive prices

Large selection of vehicles from all categories

Reliable new and used cars with warranty

All vehicles are available within just a few days

Booking is digital – no administrative hassle


"From March to October I often travel with my flowers to different markets. It is important to me to drive a reliable car that I keep an eye on all costs. With the ViveLaCar subscription, I drive the perfect Van in summer and in winter I can easily switch to a smaller, cheaper model. Although the booking is made entirely online, I am still close to the dealer I trust."

Martin K., Owner of a flower shop

"As a fleet manager of a fleet with over 100 vehicles, it is important to me to keep an eye on all costs and to be able to react quickly to the need for vehicles in the company. Both the uncomplicated procurement and the possibility to get rid of a car quickly and saving costs as a result are important success factors for me. That is no longer a problem with the ViveLaCar subscription. With a notice period of only three months, it is the perfect alternative to expensive long-term rentals for employees who only need a vehicle temporarily."

Andreas U., Fleet Manager

"The order situation in our family-run electrical engineering company varies considerably. Unused vehicles in stock are therefore a major financial risk for me. With ViveLaCar I can easily adapt the number of vehicles to my order situation. I can also greatly minimize the risk of failure because I only get new and young used cars at ViveLaCar and I take care of the maintenance. The full cost control and unbeatable flexibility convinced me."

Paul K., Owner and managing director of an electrical engineering company


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